HSP, was established in 2003 and has grown to continue present the best solutions to the customers.
At the begining, HSP was a member of the group which is established in 1967 and leader in this sector, but now walking separately.

It started specializing in manufacturing and exporting to Europe, Middle East, Far East and USA.
We are very glad and proud cause of our customers satisfaction and their kind feedback.

The reasons behind this success, experience, integrated approach, philosophy of life as a visual quality,
our strong manufacturing and parts data and our own tools, moulds and models designed according to original CAT samples.
Nevertheless, our producers manufacture our products with our own tools, moulds, models and technical drawings.

We are as share holders Mr.Hakan ORHAN and Mr.Temel KARAGOZ have more than
15 years experience in spare parts markets and with our staff all the time we will be in your service.


1)Quality and Cheap Price
Present day conditions to offer cheap quality requires.Quality alone does not mean anything and we already know that we have to do quality.

2)The goods sold in the same well-known companies
The largest and well-known wholesalers companies of Italian and American, buy some goods from us and from another suppliers which we buy goods also.
Why you have to pay more money fort he same quality?

3)Good packing and delivery on time
The first impressions about our company and our products is very important for us. Therefore we are packing clean and eye-pleasing.
Besides, time is the biggest cost and we thought that we should not steal time no one. So, to deliver timely we are doing our best.

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