Torque Converter Grps & Components

Universal Joint Shafts and Yokes

Air Compressor & Brake Parts

Exhaust System Parts

Fuel Lines & Related Items

Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Tubes & Radiator Tubes

Air Cleaner Grp & Various Items

Cooling System Parts

Joint Rods

Water Pumps & Related Items

Frame & Body

Drive Grp

Final Drive, Axle and Diff Grp

Rims & Wheels

Rubber Parts

U-C Componets Suspension


In our production and other sources have provided to us the product groups suitable for
CATERPILLAR and KOMATSU Loaders, Dozers, Graders, Excavators and Tracks as follws,

  • Universal Joint Shafts and Yokes
  • Mufflers, Manifolds, Shields and Tubes
  • Torque Converter Groups and Seperate Related Items
  • Air Compressor Groups and Brake Parts
  • Oil Coolers and Radiators
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Rods, Pistons and Heads
  • Hydraulic Tubes and Radiator Tubes
  • Fuel Lines
  • Cables and Leads
  • Joint Rods and Sockets
  • Air Cleaner Groups and Related Items
  • Engine Crank Shafts and Cam Shafts
  • Frame and Body Parts
  • Strips, Guide, Plates and Caps
  • Valves, Fuel Hand Pumps and Tank Caps
  • Final Drive, Axle and Differential Parts
  • Rubber Parts and Seals
  • Transmission Parts
  • Water Pumps and Related Items

All products are checked by our quality control department and after being approved for shipment.





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